SB-843 Glazer Taxation: renters’ credit.

SB-855 Newman Childhood Drowning Data Collection Pilot Program.

SB-894 Jones Off-highway vehicles.

SB-929 Eggman Community mental health services: data collection.

SB-976 Leyva Universal Preschool Act.

SB-1041 Atkins Sales and use taxes: general exemptions.

SB-1042 Grove Violent felonies: serious felonies: human trafficking.

SB-1179 Glazer Electronic transactions: insurance.

SB-1328 McGuire Prohibited investments and contracts: Russia and Belarus.


2020-2021 Co-Authored Bills:

AB 80 (Burke): COVID Tax Relief 2021: PPP Loans
AB 262 (Patterson): Human Trafficking: Remote Testimony and Fee Waiver
AB 337  (Medina): Board of Governors Community College
AB 994  (Patterson): Income Tax Exclusion: California Grant Relief
SB 21 (Glazer): Specialized License Plates: Mental Health Awareness
SB 22 (Glazer): Education Finance Bond
SB 23 (Rubio):  Distribution of Intimate Images: Disorderly Conduct: Statute of Limitations
SB 39 (Grove): Fraudulent Claims: Inmates
SB 45 (Allen, Stern): Wildfire Prevention, State Drinking Water, Drought Preparation, Flood Protection Bond Act
SB 58 (Wilk); Employment Development Department: Personal Information
SB 74 (Borgeas): Keeping California Working Act
SB 87 (Caballero): California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program
SB 227 (Jones): Red Sticker Program Off Highway Vehicle
SB 229 (Dahle): Pupil Mental Health
SB 285 (McGuire): Visit California: Jobs Investment
SB 310 (Rubio): Cancer Medication Recycling
SB 323 (Caballero): Water and Sewer: Legal Action: Local Government
SB 351 (Caballero): Water Innovation Office
SB 547 (Glazer): Animals: Emergency Response
SR 7 (Ocho Bogh): Women and Girls in Sport
SR 11 (Leyva): International Women’s Day
SR 15 (Skinner): Women's History Month
SCR 16 (Caballero): Women in Construction Week