Senate District 14 Budget Wins

California faced a historic budget surplus this year, but this pandemic is not over. The ongoing pandemic and the drought will add to the economic woes our state faces. We need to be cautious as we move forward and fiscally prudent -- I am proud to have advocated for allocating additional funding to be put towards our reserves and rainy day fund.

ICYMI: Hurtado on Vaccines, Ag Workers and the Valley

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones healthy. In case you missed it, I wrote the opinion piece below for the Fresno Bee in January. You’ll see that I have some thoughts about COVID-19 vaccinations, farmworkers and the Central Valley’s importance to California, the Nation and the world. I’ll have much more to share with you about what I’m working on in Sacramento in the coming months, but for now, please be safe and stay healthy.

Legislative Update: Water, Jobs and Health Care

I hope you and your loved ones are in good health and high spirits.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my staff and I have been dealing with the issues at hand that directly impact the health of the community, job preservation, and drive our local economic recovery. This necessary pivot was essential to the health of our businesses, access to healthcare, public safety, and local prosperity. Even though we are all struggling to manage with this new reality, I will continue to fight for our valley by remaining focused on things that will help our community. The climate may be different, but my drive is still the same.

District Resources: We Are Here to Help!

There is still time to be counted! The census has officially been extended so if you have not filled out the questionnaire already, please visit to respond today!

As you know, the census helps our government decide everything from how many seats we receive in Congress to how billions of dollars flow to our community for schools, law enforcement, and other important services. Your response matters, and I encourage everyone to participate online, by phone, or by mail. 

Covid-19 Update: Additional Community Resources

As our state continues to address the current COVID-19 crisis, regular communication is more important than ever. To keep you better informed on important issues and help provide resources we will be sending out weekly newsletter updates. In this newsletter, you will find information related to the food assistance, what to do if you cannot pay rent, resources for mental health, and other important CARES Act updates. If you know of an important issue we should be discussing please contact me or my staff with your ideas.

Health Care Services Update

Governor Gavin Newsom launched a website,, to get critical supplies to the front line of California’s fight against the COVID-19 crisis. The website allows individuals and companies to donate, sell or offer to manufacture 13 of the most essential medical supplies.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Community Resources

This week, California has provided a wide range of guidelines to assist communities during the COVID-19 Crisis. From expanding services to California’s aging communities to addressing the increase in unemployment rate, my staff and I are dedicated to continue offering additional guidance to the southern Central Valley. Included in this newsletter are some of the latest updates and resources.

COVID-19 Update: Together We Rise, #ValleyStrong

All the information flowing around today’s news stream may be, at times, overwhelming. That’s why today, I’d like to offer some resources to help you and your family in how we can best tackle this pandemic together.