2020-2021 Authored Bills:


SCR 14: Porterville Firefighters Memorial Resolution
SCR 14 designates a portion of highway in Porterville to Captain Ramon Figueroa and Firefighter Patrick Jones who died tragically fighting the February 18, 2020 Porterville Library Fire.
SCR 25: Adult Education Week
SCR 25 proclaims the week of April 18, 2021, to April 24, 2021 Adult Education Week, and that teachers, administrators, classified staff, and students of adult education programs statewide be honored for their efforts, persistence, and accomplishments.
SB 25 Environmental and Economic Security Act
SB 25 requires enhanced reporting around hydraulic fracturing, specifically around seismic activity and potentially hazardous releases.
SB 40 California Dream to Medical School Act
SB 40 establishes the California Medicine Scholars Program, a pre-med pipeline program for community college students that want to pursue Medical School in California.To share your thoughts on this legislation click here.

SB 61: Lifting Families Out of Poverty Act
SB 61 helps unemployed and underemployed individuals access and complete workforce training programs through the Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Workforce Training Supportive Services Program.
SB 84: Orphan Wells in Equity Remediation Act
SB 84 requires additional reporting on hazardous, idle oil and gas wells and facilities. Well reporting and remediation programs currently focus on coastal wells, California does not have similar Central Valley focused programs.
SB 100: Foster Care Reform Research Act
SB 100 requires a working group lead California Department of Social Services to review the State’s extended foster care program and how that program can be built upon and improved.

SB 108: Human Right to Food Act
SB 108 declares it State policy that all people have access to sufficient, healthy food and requires reporting on adequate access to food now and in future years.
SB 367: Campus Opioid Safety Act
SB 367 requests UCs and requires CSUs and Community Colleges to maintain nasal-spray Naloxone (an opioid reversal medication) in emergency kits on campus, and provide education on Opioid overdoses and use of nasal-spray reversal medication during orientation.
SB 385: Shafter Economic Development Act
SB 385 requires the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to release one-year lease options relative to the Shafter Community Correctional Facility, no later than January 31, 2022. This will prevent further economic harm to the city and foster local economic development.

SB 393: Farmworker Access to Childcare Act
SB 393 aligns California's Migrant Childcare Alternative Payment program with the same funding streams other alternative payment programs receive their funding from, ensuring that the program does not miss out on future relief funding and that farmworkers continue to have access to affordable childcare.

SB 402: Multipayer Payment Reform Pilot
SB 402 directs healthcare payers and purchasers, primary care providers, and healthcare consumer representatives to explore multi-payer payment alternatives to certain fee-for-service primary care practices.
SB 428: ACES Equity Act
SB 428 creates coverage parity relative to screening for Adverse Childhood Events Screening (ACES) between Medi-Cal and Commercial Insurers.
SB 441: Geriatrician Investment Act
SB 441 adds geriatricians to the primary care physician's eligible for loan repayment awards.
SB 453: Pandemic Preparedness Act
SB 453 appropriates 700,000 for the Jordan Agricultural Center at CSU Fresno to support research on biosecurity and emerging infectious diseases.

SB 464: Comida para Todos/Food For All Act
SB 464 expands eligibility criteria for state funded food benefits to undocumented immigrants.

SB 492: M.O.M Act (Maternal Outcome Measures Act)
SB 492 requires the California Department of Public Health track data on pregnancy-related deaths in which the attending physician is found to have been negligent in the death.
SB 559: State Water Resiliency Act of 2021
SB 559 appropriates funding for the restoration of certain canal conveyance projects throughout the state, including the California Aqueduct, the Friant Kern Canal, the Delta Mendota Canal and the San Luis Canal.
SB 609: Get Hired Act
SB 609 expands and improves the CalFresh E&T program by requiring state contracts for CalFresh E&T services include performance expectations and outcome measures, requires federal reimbursements received as a result of the expansion and improvement program be reinvested in the Program, and expands the list of individuals eligible for the program to include those who lost employment as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  
SB 648: IHSS Residential Care Expansion Act
SB 648 establishes a pilot project permitting residential elderly care facilities and adult residential facilities where more than 80 percent of residents receive social security income to use in home supportive services to supplement care providers. Recipient facilities must use salary savings to re-invest in facility maintenance, enhanced staffing or programming for residents

SB 703: Meat and Poultry Safety Certification Act
SB 703 requires labs providing diagnostic testing for poultry and meat products to be certified.


2019-2020 Authored Bills:

SB 436: Preventing Child Abuse – Family Resource Centers

Will help prevent child abuse and neglect by formalizing Family Resource Centers as a key delivery network of services and as conduits to strengthening families via family-centered, community-based and culturally sensitive services that include cross-system collaboration as a means to prevent child abuse and neglect.

SB 490: Holding Families Harmless for CalFresh County Over-Issuances

This bill would ensure that CalFresh recipients are not forced to pay back over-issued food stamps that were a result of a county error.

SB 260: Healthcare: Keeping Families Covered

Will help ensure Californians maintain health coverage by requiring health plans and insurers to give consumers who lose their coverage for any reason notices of the availability of Medi-Cal and Covered California coverage. The bill will also make it easier for Covered California to reach out to consumers, who have lost their coverage to help minimize gaps in their coverage.

SB 453: Serving Our Seniors: Aging and Disability Resource Centers “No Wrong Door”

This bill will make it easier for older adults and people living with disabilities, as well as their families, to access support through additional funding facilitated by the Aging and Disability Resource Connection Program and the No Wrong Door System.

SB 351: Fair Share of Transformative Climate Communities Dollars for Unincorporated Communities

Will help ensure unincorporated communities have access to implementation funding from the Transformative Climate Communities program. 

SB 513: Household Water Tanks for Homes with Dry Wells

This bill will provide relief for rural families without reliable access to water by providing a temporary alternative source of water supply, including water tanks.

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